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A prayer for you

I said a prayer for you today. I was hunched over a microscope looking at the cells your body makes to keep you healthy. I am not a doctor; I am not trained to diagnose the specifics of what is happening in your body. I am a medical technologist; one of the things I am trained to do is to look at those cells your body created and determine if they are maturing normally.IMAG1292-1-1

Looking at your cells I said a prayer hoping I was wrong, you have no history of illness outside of a visit here and there for minor things. I sent your specimen on to a pathologist; they are trained to tell me when I am wrong. I do not know what they will say, but I prayed today they prove me wrong.

You are not just a number, or a smear of blood on glass. You are the clerk at the checkout, the postal worker that delivers my mail. You are the mother of three that lives down the road; you are the driver of the bus that brings my child home safely every day. I said a prayer for you today; when the phlebotomist or nurse drew your blood you had no idea where it would go. It came to me and when I looked through the microscope; I said a prayer for you today.